Actual problems of the Modern Islamic world

«Actual problems of the Muslim World» is aimed to contemplate studies on the political and cultural processes and trends in the modern societies of Near & Middle East, Northern Africa and the Muslim communities in countries of Europe and the New World.

Nowadays the complexity of cross-civilizational dialogue became evident as a result of geopolitical, economical, social and cultural changes, which happened during the 20th century in these regions.  One of the most upstanding problems is the cross-civilizational reciprocal influence on the ethnical and civilizational characteristics of traditional Muslim societies.

In economical, social, intellectual and cultural expansive environment of the transnational political and social institutions, being western in origin, Islam is usually perceived, thought and declared as the most important factor of alternative self-identification to determinate and regulate a conflictogene potential of the world globalization process.

Nevertheless, the traditional Islamic institutions, being modernized and adapted in a varying degree, such as Islamic economical and financial instruments and a whole model, today can be asked-for not only in the Muslim societies, but abroad.

All this is to be historically, politically and sociologically revised and interpreted.